Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I like this section a lot

(Lilith is telling Alex about the meanings of her name and her sister Valerie's name.)

“Anyway, Valerie’s name is way less interesting than your friendly neighborhood Beautiful Night Monster. Although, it does mean the same goody two shoes ‘brave,’ in like, three languages. And Lian means Daughter of the Sun.”
“That’s kind of hilarious,” he said. 
“What? That her name is Brave Daughter of the Sun Sun?”
“No. Well yes, but I was thinking more that you’re the Night Monster, and Valerie’s the Daughter of the Sun. It’s pretty cool.”
“Eh. I guess so. Valerie isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows though.”
“No, I guess not. Well, I mean sometimes. But really I think she’s more complicated.”
“I think we all are more complex than the shiny little boxes people stuff us into.”
“Yeah.” He took another sip of his root beer. Lilith looked at him. She tried to see what was shoved inside the shiny box labelled “Sensitive Nerd,” but Alex would have to open the lid for her first.

(If you know who I'm referencing with both the shiny boxes, and the imagining each other complexly, I love you.)

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