Monday, November 7, 2011

Noah Tells his Mom about Solace

He’d never been good with girls, so he did the one thing every teenaged boy does when he needs girl advice. He called his mom.

“Mena Anderson. May I help you?” She sounded tired. Noah wondered how his little siblings, Sam and Kacie were doing.
“Mom? It’s Noah.”
“Noah, why didn’t you call me sooner? I’ve been worried about you!” She sounded genuinely delighted to hear him.
“I’ve been busy, new job and everything… Listen, can you help me with something?”
“Oh, I see… What do you need kiddo?”
“Err… There’s this girl.” His mom chuckled. Noah blushed, and was really glad his mom didn’t have a video reception.
“No it’s not like that, it’s just that she’s different. She drives me crazy! But every time I see her…”
Nah’s mom sighed.
“Honey, we’ve all been there. Tell me about her.”
“She’s my age I think, but she’s small. She really skinny too, like she didn’t get enough food when she was younger, and she’s got blue hair to her waist.”
“Yep. It’s got dark brown roots coming in though.”
“Hmmmmm…” She’d never much approved of hair dye.
“She’s mart, she’s opinionated. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.”
“What does she do there?”
There was no way Noah was going to tell her that Solace was a hazer. She distrusted hazing more than he did, and had only let him get the job because they needed money so badly.
He cleared his throat. “She programs a lot of hazes… their very realistic.”
“Very nice. I think she sounds wonderful. What’s her name?”
“Solace. Her name is Solace.”
His mother laughed.
“Honey, do you know what Noah means?”
“Comfort and consolation.”


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