Sunday, November 6, 2011

When Potato Can't Think of What to Write...

She makes up ideas for more things to write. Sensible, write? (excuse the bad pun)

So now I have a list of 29 titles, and 7 of them have at least partial synopses. They range from serious to just plain bad chick lit, and I add to the list whenever I think of a plot idea or title. Some of them could be full novels, others don't have the steam to be anything but short stories.

Still, it's fun, and a way to procrastinate. See, I'm trying to get to 15k by Sunday, a NaNo-wide goal.  Right now I have 14,265, and a very strong will to procrastinate. I'm even thinking about doing schoolwork. On a weekend. Yeah, I really want to procrastinate writing those last 800 words.

The titles thing, is a really cool way to keep lists of possible story ideas, though. I like to look through it for ideas when I want to write something (not in November), and it's great for finding my plot for NaNo. Even if I don't end up using one of them, I use them as springboards.

What do you use as a way to keep track of random story ideas?

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